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Summer Hours: Mon-Sun, 10:00 a.m.~6:00 p.m.
Winter Hours: Wed.-Sun, 10:00 a.m ~5:00 p.m.
Payment Types: Visa, MasterCard, Cash or Travellers Cheques
Wheelchair Access: Yes

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Seven years ago a small group of artists had a vision. They were given the opportunity to open a modest gallery in the heart of Jordan Village, already an established and successful enclave of small but distinctive shops as well as the home of a world class restaurant, winery and inn. The original partnership of four artists seized this opportunity and opened the doors of the Jordan Art Gallery, with the intent of promoting the best practitioners of fine art and fine craft that the Niagara region had to offer.

Today, this successful gallery has grown to seven partners: Bob and Lillian Aylesworth, Barbara Goodwin, Janny Fraser, Joyce Honsberger, George Langbroek, Mori McCrae and Jan Yates. This committed partnership continues to play a key role in linking the public with the work of area artists and in nurturing the powerful creative current that flows through the Niagara Region. 

Along with monthly exhibitions designed to reflect a body of work by contemporary fine artists and artisans, we also feature, on an on going basis: blown glass,turned wood, clay, mosaic, mixed media, collage, painting, drawing, printmaking, jewelry and wearable art.

For your convenience the Jordan Art Gallery also offers Gift Cards and a Bridal Registry to assist you with your individual gift giving needs.

Our gallery is located on Main Street beside Cave Spring Cellars. Visit us on any given day and you will be welcomed by one of the gallery artist/partners who will be happy to assist you. All works are available for purchase, however we also welcome those who simply desire to have a peak at what the artists are doing in Niagara.We believe that our connection with this area and the artists working here has resulted in a rich and dynamic collection of contemporary art….. Feel free to browse and enjoy!

The gallery partners wish to thank our devoted, local patrons who maintain their support for our Niagara Artists as well as our customers from far and abroad who continuously revisit our gallery to experience the growth of our amazing artists and their work.

Janny Fraser has gained a wide reputation for her distinctive work in mosaic and mixed media. She combines imprinted handmade pieces in porcelain with collected objects, from the natural and made world. Her pieces become wondrous microcosms of our vast and staggering universe.



Joyce Honsberger, AOCA, SSC, SCA has exhibited extensively and gained international appreciation for her fiber and metal space sculptures.

They are a visual music of intense color and movement, as well as a strong spiritual response to the rhythms of the earth and wonders of the cosmos.




George Langbroek is a skilled printmaker, refitting a classic technique to his exploration of themes that relate to the human condition. His dense layering of figurative imagery has gained him the distinction of one of the few artists that consistently uses the figure to express his ideas. This image is called "Adam and Eve" it is an etching with mixed media.



Mori McCrae

A fast and sure way to really know someone is to play a game with them. How telling this can be! The way that they play allows some very deep insight into the core of their character. One might even admit to the possibility of witnessing a spectacular view of their spirit.

      This early discovery about play combined with my interest in conventional portrait painting, has led me to an exploration of how playfulness defines us. When we play, or more accurately when we become playful, odd and unusual things happen. A transformation occurs.

     After all, play is not an action so much as a state of being. This can occur at any time; when at work, while we converse, during sex, or when we are merely shuffling through the mundane tasks of our daily existence. Our lives are filled with moments when we surrender to play. And when we do surrender, we become something entirely different. As a conventional portrait painter, it is this other portrait that I find myself increasingly drawn to.

     So, I play. I play when constructing my art pieces and I do this by engineeering them - interpreting them to suit my whims and flights of fancy. My tools are my toys. They embody a blunt cause-and-effect quality that delights me. I'm tickled by the precision of a drill press, the cut of a miter saw, and the groove of a router! For me, the act of creating  is play at its finest.

     By adding tools to my studio furniture, I've begun to play more when I work. Tools have changed my art and my vision. As a result, my art tells a different story now - more unusual, and perhaps more peculiar and unique than conventionally articulated "portraits" of an earlier time.

     And so, I continue to play until I come to my senses, and stop..... 


Jan Yates is known for her plein air ( on location) rural landscapes of the Niagara Escarpment. Her recent paintings impart the significance of man's reliance on and respect for both the simplicity and complexity of our natural- and vanishing- environment. As well, her choice of medium and ancient encaustic technique emphasize this yearning to preserve the delicacy, strength and nourishment of nature.


Bob and Lillian Aylesworth have been designing and creating hand made silver jewellery for over 25 years. Their pieces have a strong presence and are characterized by a tremendous sense of flare and panache. They also produce a line of distinctive and affordable handmade designs.


Barbara Goodwin's work reflects the belief that we are born already knowing the great stories. Art making then becomes a kind of narrative which carries on throughout time, rather than the isolated experience of one artist. She trusts that on the same level the power of collective conciousness allows art to resonate with the viewer as well.

Our Feature Shows will continue this year with exciting new work in our new location beside On the Twenty Restaurant in Jordan Village, Ontario.



Photo Credit: Eugene Schlack

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