Welcome to Jordan Village!

A small rural hamlet bursting with unique scenic attributes and lush attractions. Located on the green bank of the Twenty Mile Creek, Jordan Village has a rich heritage; from the Mississauga Indians who camped on the near pond bank in the late 1700's to the Pennsylvania Mennonites and Loyalists who migrated to the area in search of rich farmland shortly thereafter. Jordan's past is full of colourful stories and interesting people.

Today Jordan Village gives you both the past and the present.

Discover award winning wineries, fine art, an incredible array of antiques, interesting shops, a luxurious Inn, an outstanding restaurant and a pioneer museum. Along with beautifully preserved architecture, Jordan Village presents a truly unique experience during your stay.

Recently linked to Jordan Village is an extension of the Twenty Valley Trail. Hikers can travel along the pond bank of Jordan Village, make their way to the stairway to the Jordan Historical Museum and through scenic natural settings to the Ball's Falls Heritage Conservation area.

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